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Cows Take Over Aquinas College in Tauranga

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In an udderly surprising turn of events, on Saturday February 10th, a herd of cows decided to moove into Aquinas College, Tauranga.

The cows had escaped from a nearby paddock, and grazed their way onto the prestigious school grounds, leaving locals and the groundsman amoosed. Some locals even wondered if the cows were a new lawn mowing system bought in to reduce costs or was it perhaps a newly designed type of ‘field trip’.

While the college corridors were empty, the cricket field was not spared, as the game scheduled for the morning was forced to a halt. It seems the cows fancied themselves as fielders, but their presence on the pitch was far from what the cricketers expected. The match had to be abandoned, much to the players’ dis-bull-ief.

Fear not, as the situation was soon taken by the horns.

With the combined efforts of the cows’ owner and the college groundsman, the bovine guests were carefully herded back to their rightful home. It was no small feat, but teamwork made the dream work, ensuring the cows retreated without any beef.

This incident has surely left a mark in the college’s history, proving that when it comes to surprise guests, Aquinas College is outstanding in its field!

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