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Congo line breaks record

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A group of talented high school students from Connecticut recently showed off their dance moves and broke a world record, all for a good cause. The amazing event, called Conga4All, was organized by Omar Galal, a junior at Greenwich High School. The goal was to raise money for an adult daycare center while attempting to break a world record.

The exciting event took place at the school’s Cardinal Stadium, where Omar led a conga line for an incredible 64 laps around the track. That’s almost 16 miles of non-stop dancing! Their aim was to surpass the previous Guinness World Record for the longest distance danced in a conga line, which was set by a group of dancers from the Netherlands in February 2020. Those Dutch dancers covered an impressive 15.53 miles.

After their energetic performance, the students were thrilled to discover that they had likely beaten the previous record. They are now eagerly waiting for the official confirmation from the Guinness World Records team. If their attempt is successful, their achievement will be recognized worldwide!

Not only did these talented young dancers make history, but they also made a big difference in the community. By the end of their 64th lap, they had raised a fantastic amount of $8,500 for the River House Adult Day Center. The money will be used to support the center and help provide care for adults in need. Even after the event, the fundraising efforts are still ongoing, meaning they might raise even more money!

It’s inspiring to see young people come together, showcase their talents, and make a positive impact on their community. The students of Greenwich High School have certainly proven that with determination and a love for dancing, anything is possible. Congratulations to Omar Galal and the entire team for their incredible achievement!

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