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Census day for New Zealand

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Today is a special day in New Zealand. It’s called census day, and it’s all about counting how many people live in our country on this day. It’s super important because the information collected helps our government plan for the future.

Everyone in New Zealand, including you and your family, has to fill out the census. You can do it online or on paper. This year, lots of people are choosing to do it online, which is really cool. In fact, 96.7 percent of submissions so far have been done online!

It’s important to remember that it’s a legal requirement to fill out the census. If someone refuses to do it, they could get in trouble and potentially even have to pay a fine.

This year’s census is extra special because it includes new questions about sexual orientation and gender. This means that people who are 15 years old or older will have the chance to share information about who they are and how they identify. This is important because it helps us understand and support our diverse communities.

The information collected in the census is used to help plan for things like healthcare, education, and housing. So by filling out the census, you’re helping to make New Zealand a better place for everyone. Thanks for being a part of something so important!


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