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CC Chips coming back

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Remember CC’s Tasty Cheese Corn Chips? The popular snack from the 1990s is coming back to New Zealand shelves!

Bluebird, the company that makes CC’s, announced the news on Twitter this week. “Nostalgic Kiwis can prepare for 90s snack heaven as iconic chip brand, Bluebird, brings back CCs Tasty Cheese corn chips for a limited time,” the company wrote.

CC’s were a favorite snack for many kids in the 1990s. They were known for their cheesy flavor and their catchy slogan, “Only CC’s ees tasting like thees.”

The chips were discontinued in 2010, but they have been brought back by popular demand. They will be available in stores starting May 15th.

So if you’re looking for a taste of nostalgia, be sure to pick up a bag of CC’s Tasty Cheese Corn Chips!

Here are some fun facts about CC’s Tasty Cheese Corn Chips:

  • They were first introduced in New Zealand in 1982.
  • They were originally made with real cheese, but they were later changed to a cheese powder.
  • They were discontinued in 2010, but they were brought back in 2019 for a limited time.
  • They are now back for good!

I hope you enjoy your CC’s!

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