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The legendary video game Pac-Man is turning 40.

Arguably one of the worlds most well-known games, the little yellow circle has been a family favourite long before Fortnite came along.

Pac-man was first launched on May 22 1980, and a lifetime of maze-crazed dot-eating missions began.

Facts about Pac Man
The ghosts have names – Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. In addition to their names, they all have their own personalities.
The person who designed and developed Pac-Man, Toru Iwatani had no formal training when he created Pac man.
The maximum high score for Pac-Man is 3333360 points!
This score has been achieved by just 12 people… so far!
Pac-Man was designed to get more girls into gaming!

Two brother have found gold while building a hut in France. The gold has an estimated value of $60,000NZD.

The boys, both about 10 years old, found the gold bars in their attic after using old bed sheets.

The bedding belonged to their late grandmother. When they took the sheets the gold bars just fell out onto the ground.

Out of curiosity, the boys’ father contacted a local auctioneer, Philippe Rouillac, who valued the gold bars.

It turns out that the bars were purchased by the grandmother in 1967 and even come with a proof of purchase.

The NRL has granted the NZ Warriors permission to sign some new loan players.

The move comes after the Warriors have been hit with a huge number of injuries, just days before the start of the season.

Jazz Tevaga, Bunty Afoa and Jackson Frei are all unlikely to feature in the 2020 campaign, while experienced prop Leeson Ah Mau is out for at least eight weeks. 

The club had an initial request denied by the NRL. However, the Warriors have received backing from rival clubs and former players.

The NRL is due to start this weekend, with the Warriors up against the Dragons.

The 2020 duck-shooting season is finally underway.

Usually the seasons starts on the 1st May, but this year it has been postponed until now.

One of the major concerns was the availability of ammunition. Stocks around the country had been running low because of the two-week delay caused by Covid-19 restrictions as well as uncertainty around if the season would go ahead.

So far there haven’t been any reports of accidents involving duck hunters and hunters were being reminded to put safety first.

Mountain Safety Council say that about 45 percent of reported incidents happened in the first two days of the season.

With the level 2 restrictions I was able to return to my flat in Dunedin. My freezing cold flat….

It’s so cold, that when you walk in, it’s colder inside than it is outside. It’s almost like opening the fridge door. And it’s not even winter yet.

Despite it still being autumn, this past week Kiwis have been waking to freezing temperatures. The coldest was Waiouru, on -9C (yikes!) on Saturday morning. Dunedin Airport measured -5.5C and Hamilton was chilly at -1C.

Fun Facts:
June 1st marks the official start of winter.

Many people believe that the Earth is farthest from the sun in the winter. Although this makes sense, it’s not true. In the Northern Hemisphere, winter happens when Earth is closest to the sun- how weird!  

The Earth’s tilted access causes the seasons. Throughout the year different parts of the earth receive the sun’s direct rays. For us in the Southern Hemisphere, winter happens when we are faced away from the sun and not receiving it’s rays.

Since I have been back in Dunedin, I have been trying to look at the positives of the colder weather.

I thought I would share them with you, in case you too are living somewhere that is getting chilly!

  • There are no bugs: You have to worry that you may wake up and find yourself covered in mosquito bites. Bites that itch like crazy and consume your focus. There are no more flies, which means no fly poo on your food if you get distracted making a snack.
  • Comfort Foods: Eating comfort food is basically mandatory. Have a hot chocolate, put marshmallows in it, and top it off with whip cream because it’s cold outside. Enjoy stews, roasts, pasta and countless other warm culinary delights. Cold weather is perfect for delicious, warm, stodgy meals.
  • Guilt-Free Relaxing: as we approach winter, the days get shorter and we have more downtime spent inside. I know, a lot of people complain about the short days, but you know what? It’s actually a great excuse to be lazy. The winter is great for binging TV shows and new reading books, because, quite obviously, what else are you gonna do? Grab a blanket, something to entertain you, and relax.

Do you like cold weather? How cold is it where you live? Comment below

Todd Muller is the new leader of the National Party.

He takes over the leadership after Simon Bridges was replaced by a party vote.

Muller will now go head to head against Jacinda Ardern in the upcoming September general election.

Nikki Kaye was chosen as Todd Muller’s deputy.

Todd Muller has been a politician for 6 years after being a businessman before that. Over the years Muller has even written articles for Kiwi Kids News. You can check these out in the political section.

Muller lives in Tauranga with his wife and 3 children.

During his first interview, he said “my focus as leader is our country’s economic recovery and the strengthening of every community throughout New Zealand.”

Social distancing has led to many schools in USA having to cancel their graduations or hold them online.

However, Kevin Carpenter, principal of Kennett High School, developed a novel idea for the end of year graduation.

He has planned to run his school’s graduation on a ski lift.

The high school will use the Cranmore Mountain Resort, which agreed to host the unique commencement – free of charge. 

In June the ski lift at Cranmore will be packed with 174 graduating seniors. Parents have also been invited.

Students and parents will travel up the lift and collect their awards at the top and then make their way down.

US President Donald Trump has finally worn a facemask in public.

Trump wore a facemask while visiting Ford car factory.

However, he only wore the mask for a short time and didn’t wear it in front of the wider public or the media.

Trump said he did not want to ‘give press the pleasure’ of seeing him in face mask.

Many states in the United States require people to wear masks in public. It has also been recommended by the White House.

The US death toll on Saturday surpassed 98,000 and there are more than 1.5m confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the country.

Astronomers have discovered what is thought to be the closest black hole to Earth.

The black hole was found by experts at the European Southern Observatory (ESO). It is only 1000 light-years from our planet.

That might sound very far away, but the closest black hole found until now is V616 Monocerotis or A0620-00. It is located about 3,500 light-years away.

What is a black hole?

Black holes are formed when a dying star collapses inward under the pressure of its own weight. This leads to something called a supernova, a star’s extremely powerful explosion.

Black holes are places in space where the pull of gravity is so strong that even light can’t escape it! This is what makes them invisible.