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New Zealand’s largest wind turbines are being built in South Taranaki.

The turbines have appeared between Waverley and Patea at the Waipipi Wind Farm.

The farm covers 700 hectares of coastal farmland. The positioning of these turbines is unusual for New Zealand, as they are being built on flat coastal land.

The new farm is installing 31 turbines. Each turbine is 160m tall with a 130m diameter rotor. They are 4.3 megawatt machines and they’re the largest machines that have been installed in New Zealand.

Waipipi’s constant 8 metres-per-second winds and close access to the national power grid make this a great site.

The farm will begin generating electricity later this year.

Donald Trump has suggested that the US election should be delayed.

The US elections are set to go to be held on November 3.

However, in a tweet last week, Trump floated the idea of postponing the highly anticipated event.

While Trump maybe asking the question, many experts believe he is unable to make such a decision.

The decision to move the election can only be made by Congress. Currently, Congress, at the moment is in the control of the Democrats – and of course they will not want to postpone this election.

What does the law say?
According to Article II of the US constitution, it is up to Congress to choose the timing of the election. 

In 1845 a law was passed setting the first Monday in November as that date.

Two women have broken the world record for the fastest time circumnavigating the globe on a tandem bicycle.

Cat Dixon and Raz Marsden completed the mammoth bike ride in 263 days, beating the previous record of 281 days.

The pair left Oxford in June last year and finished in March shortly before the coronavirus lockdown.

Their achievement has been confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records.

The pair covered 29,391 km in precisely 263 days, eight hours and seven minutes. they travelled through 25 countries.

The previous record was set by UK cyclists Edward Collier and Louis Paul Snellgrove last May.

The NBA season has started again with all games being played at Disneyland.

Officially the sport has been in lockdown for 140 days, 21 hours and 30 minutes.

In order to get the season restarted, all NBA players are now part of a bubble – all living at Walt Disney World. All games are being played on two specially made courts.

Since being in lockdown no NBA player has tested positive since the Disney campus opened three weeks ago.

The NBA has been creative in trying to replicate a basketball atmosphere. Inside the arena, video boards surrounded the court on three sides and fans are shown using special computer graphics.

American Magic, one of Team New Zealand’s challengers for the America’s Cup have completed their first day of testing.

In contrast, three other challenging syndicates, INEOS Team UK, Italy’s Luna Rossa and Stars and Stripes USA, have yet to arrive.

American Magic have spent almost five months in New Zealand, preparing their boat.

Their session today lasted five hours on the Waitemata Harbour.

American Magic represent that syndicate from the New York Yacht Club. One of the most famous yacht clubs in the world.

Their AC-75 foiling boat, named Defiant, spent much of the training session sailing around areas that organisers have designated as five potential race courses.

The Wellington Phoenix are sitting in second place on the A-League table.

Coach Ufuk Talay has his sights set on retaining second place and securing their best place finish in their history.

Last weekend the Phoenix drew 1-1 with Adelaide United to move ahead of Melbourne City on goal difference.

Sydney FC has already clinched top spot and Talay wants the Phoenix to hold on to second place, for their final three games, and secure a home semi-final.

The Phoenix have played three games in nine days, after a fourth month break, taking four out of a potential nine points.

Scientists have found a type of kelp that’s around 16,000 years old!

A team from Heriot-Watt University think the type of seaweed has survived since the last Ice Age.

Scientists will now investigate how it has survived for so long, especially focusing on how marine plant life survives extreme changes in climate.

They found it off the coast of Scotland, Ireland and around Brittany in France.

One of the marine ecologists said, “Kelp plays a critical role in the Atlantic so it is important to understand what affects its distribution and survival over time and how sensitive it is to change.”

There are around 30 different types of kelp, and the one that scientists found in this case is called oarweed.

In New Zealand our government is a representative democracy. A representative democracy is when all the eligible people in New Zealand elect representatives to Parliament to speak for us on government issues. 

This means that the adults of New Zealand get to vote on the different parties’ and people in parliament. These people in parliament decide who the prime minister is. 

But to have a representative democracy, New Zealand must have elections. To elect someone means to choose them for a specific position by vote. In New Zealand, we use MMP (meaning mixed-member proportional) as our voting system. MMP is what we use to choose people and parties who will represent us in parliament.  

Under MMP, adults get two votes, we will focus on the first vote- the party vote. The party vote determines how many seats (members of parliament) each party with take up in parliament. Say a party gets 27% of the party votes in New Zealand, they take up around 27% of seats in parliament. 

A party must have at least 5% of New Zealand’s party votes to get seats in parliament unless somebody from their party wins an electorate seat- (which is determined by the second vote under the MMP system).