Cat-sized rats take over Welsh beach

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Tenby, a beautiful seaside town in Wales, is a popular destination for tourists who come from far and wide to enjoy its stunning beaches and coastline. However, recent reports suggest that large rats have been spotted burrowing within the cliff above Castle Beach.

A video posted on social media last week showed these “giant” rodents tunnelling in the ground and scurrying in and out of holes. This has sparked fears that the rats may make the cliff unstable and cause erosion.

Boatman Roger Miles, who has been operating in the area for years, claims that he has seen rats as big as cats and that they have caused damage to parts of the cliff.

The local council has urged visitors and locals to stop feeding birds and dropping litter, which can attract rats. They have also reassured people that the situation is not unique to Tenby, as many seaside towns face similar problems.

Tourists feeding the birds and leaving food behind, as well as guests in holiday homes not being careful about putting rubbish out in the right bins, are some of the factors that contribute to this issue. Seagulls are also notorious for ripping apart rubbish bags that contain food, which can attract rats.

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