BTS Stamps issued by South Korean government

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The South Korean government has announced that special-edition stamps featuring the country’s most famous pop idols will be released in June. The stamps are being issued by Korea Post, the nation’s postal service operator, to celebrate BTS’s 10th anniversary since their debut.

The commemorative stamps will be available for purchase starting from June 13, which coincides with the anniversary of BTS’s debut. The set of stamps will showcase 10 different designs, highlighting some of BTS’s biggest hit songs like “Dynamite,” “Butter,” and “Proof.” Each set will be priced at around $5.90, and Korea Post plans to produce 1.5 million sets.

In addition to the regular stamp sets, there will also be 250,000 sets of stamps available in special packets. These packets will be priced at approximately $15 and will feature 10 different designs, including various portraits of the band members.

Excitingly, there will be an online presale event exclusively for South Korean citizens, scheduled to take place from May 22 to May 25. International fans of BTS will be able to purchase the stamps starting from June 1 on a dedicated website.

Korea Post CEO Son Seung-hyun expressed the significance of this stamp release, stating, “It’s very meaningful to be able to issue BTS stamps, as the band has been at the forefront of promoting Korean pop music across the globe.” This special stamp collection is a tribute to the remarkable success and global impact of BTS in the music industry.

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