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Brisbane Olympics 2032 to have fewer athletes

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John Coates, the Vice President of the International Olympic Committee, has some interesting news about the 2032 Olympics set to take place in Brisbane. The key idea? Keep the athlete numbers down to make the games as cost-effective as possible.

Coates pointed out that the inclusion of cricket, flag football, squash, baseball, and softball in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics will bump up the athlete count to over 11,000. While this is exciting, Coates is all about efficiency and wants to bring that number down when Brisbane takes the stage.

“We need to reduce the numbers and get back to a manageable number of 10,500,” Coates mentioned. This doesn’t mean cutting down on the fun; it’s more about finding the right balance to ensure the games run smoothly.

The return of cricket to the Olympics in Los Angeles is a big deal, drawing attention from cricket-loving regions like the Indian subcontinent. However, its inclusion in Brisbane is still up in the air.

“To get cricket on means another 1 billion people watching on top of the 4.5 billion that we attract already,” Coates added, highlighting the sport’s global appeal.

As for other potential changes in the Olympic program, there’s speculation about which sports might be added or removed. However, Coates made it clear that horse racing is a no-go for any future Games, putting those rumors to rest.

So, while we eagerly await the Brisbane Olympics in 2032, it looks like the organizers are focusing on a lean and efficient event, ensuring that the spirit of the games remains as vibrant as ever!

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