Banksy art sold for a bargain

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Last week world renowned street artist Banksy pulled off a fantastic stunt selling pieces of his spray artwork at a central park stall for only $60 apiece.

Check out the video here

These pieces of art were 100% authentic and it was incredible the lack of reaction from members of the public passing by. Amazingly Bansky did not make his first sale until 3.30pm when a lady buys two canvases for her children after negotiating a 50% discount on them both.

Next it was a Kiwi woman who brought two canvases and a Chicago man who brought four canvases for his newly renovated house. Although Bansky only generated $420 in revenue from a full day of sales it is estimated that these artworks were worth $221,000 to $322,000.

A hidden camera captured the reaction from passing public and can be viewed on Kiwi Kids Vids HERE.

Members of the public who passed that stall early last week would now disappointed in themselves that they didn’t recognise such an opportunity, as Banksy publicised that this was just a one of rare event.

But for the three people, including a New Zealander who brought canvases from the New York stall they will now be so thankful they made their purchases, as their $60 canvas can be now on sold for $40,000.

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  1. omg those people who didn’t buy a painting were so dumb… i would have bought like 5 and sold them on ebay or something…lol
    the people who DID bought them would be like rich as especially the guy who bough 4… nearly a millionaire lol
    wish i was there…

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