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On August 27th, Animal rescuers and firefighters responded to an unusual situation in England when a hedgehog was found trapped in a parking lot drain.

The Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service that rescuers responded to the Seaford, East Sussex, England, parking lot where residents reported a hedgehog was trapped in a drain.

The WRAS team said they could not figure out how the hedgehog had entered the drain.

A crew from the East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service was summoned to the scene and firefighters ended up using equipment designed to extract trapped passengers from wrecked cars to break through a concrete block and rescue the hedgehog.

WRAS said the hedgehog is being monitored by veterinarians to ensure it doesn’t have any health issues and will eventually be released back into the wild.

Two new sports at the Tokyo Olympics are baseball and softball. 

Both baseball and softball have already been in the Olympics from 1992 to 2008. However, for this event baseball is men only while the softball tournament is women only.

Baseball is extremely popular in Japan and will have 6 countries participating: Japan, America, Israel, Mexico, South Korea, Dominican Republic.

The tournament will start with opening-round pool play before moving into the knockout stage to determine the champion. The Tokyo Olympics will be a one-off for both the sports, as neither one will be contested at the 2024 Olympics.

Softball also has 6 countries competing: The United States, Japan, Australia, Italy, Mexico, and Canada. The opening round will feature each team playing each other in a round-robin format, and then the top two teams will advance directly to the gold medal game.