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Australian man finds huge gold nugget

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An Australian man with a metal detector has found a big rock with a lot of gold inside! The man, who wants to stay anonymous, used a cheap metal detector to find the rock in the goldfields of Victoria, which were very famous during Australia’s gold rush in the 1800s.

The gold in the rock is worth a lot of money – $257,682! That’s more money than most people can imagine. Darren Kamp, who works with gold, said that the rock is the biggest he’s ever seen in his 43-year career.

Kamp was amazed when the man came into his prospecting store in Geelong, which is about an hour from Melbourne, wearing a big backpack. The man asked if there was $10,000 worth of gold in the rock, but Kamp knew it was worth much more than that. In fact, the rock had 2.6kg of gold in it!

Kamp bought the rock from the lucky man and said that he was going to spend the money on his family. Australia has a lot of gold, and many of the world’s biggest gold nuggets have been found in Australia. While it’s not every day that someone finds a rock with so much gold in it, it’s exciting to think that there could be more out there waiting to be found!

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