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Astronauts throw junk into space

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NASA recently shared an amazing video from the International Space Station (ISS). It shows two cosmonauts, Sergey Prokopyev and Dmitri Petelin from Russia, embarking on a thrilling spacewalk as part of their mission. This epic adventure lasted a whopping 7 hours!

During their spacewalk, Sergey and Dmitri had an important job to do. They moved an airlock from one part of the ISS to another, carefully ensuring its smooth transition. But that’s not all—they also cleaned up by gathering old equipment that wasn’t needed anymore. They bundled it up and tossed it away into space!

You might wonder what happens to that junk. Well, when it reenters the Earth’s atmosphere, it safely burns up like a shooting star. It’s like a magical show happening above us!

Spacewalks are crucial for maintaining and improving the ISS. Astronauts and cosmonauts go outside the station to fix things, add new equipment, and conduct experiments. They work as a team, representing different countries from around the world.

NASA’s video gives us an incredible glimpse into their daily life and the incredible efforts they make to keep the ISS running smoothly. It’s truly awe-inspiring! Being in space and exploring the ISS must be an extraordinary experience.

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