Aquanaut to spend100 days underwater

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Get ready to dive into the latest news, as Dr. Joseph Dituri embarks on an underwater adventure like no other! The scientist is living in an underwater house for 100 days to research the impact on the human body, and if he succeeds, he’ll set a new record for the amount of time anyone’s lived beneath the waves.

The underwater research room, called Jules’ Undersea Lodge, is located in Florida Keys, USA, and is the only underwater hotel in the world that you have to scuba dive to get into! Named after Jules Verne, who wrote a famous Sci-Fi book called 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, it’s the perfect place for a scientist like Dr. Joseph to conduct his research.

Dr. Joseph is living in a camper van-sized room, which is 9m underwater, and he says it’s the same size as the space capsules we’re likely to send to Mars! While he’s there, he’ll be researching a special type of medicine that delivers oxygen under very high pressures. He believes this medicine can help grow new blood vessels, which are essential for delivering oxygen to our organs and making them work.

But that’s not all! NASA, the American Space Agency, is using Dr. Joseph’s time to test Artificial Intelligence systems designed to keep astronauts safe on long trips in space. And as well as recording data and getting health checks to monitor the effects of being underwater on his body, Dr. Joseph will also spend a lot of his time teaching school students via his laptop.

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  1. bro he looks so cool with that helmet and suit and the pipes and stuff
    also if i had the chance i would do that but i will need all the protection
    and air but that is cool

  2. who would do that you would literally damage your lunges and can probably make you need to learn to walk again imagine bro.

  3. bro who would do that bros gonna have to learn to walk and run again his lungs are gonna literally be SO destroyed.

  4. I don’t know if you know this but I have a friend who is a nurse and she is a nurse at the hospital and she is a nurse practitioner and she is a nurse 🧑‍⚕️ at her hospital 🏥 she works with a hospital 🏥 and I am not sure what the name is on her chart I think it’s called her nurse.

  5. I think they do that so they can practice with the air preasure in space and breathing in an unusal space.

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