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All Whites beaten by Greece

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Last weekend, the New Zealand national soccer team, the All Whites, faced a challenging match against Greece in Athens, resulting in a 2-0 loss.

Guided by their new coach Darren Bazeley, the All Whites are using a series of games as preparation for their upcoming World Cup qualifying campaign. However, Greece, positioned at 51st in the world rankings, presented a formidable challenge.

Greece showcased their soccer prowess, putting New Zealand on the defensive and securing a 2-0 lead by halftime.

The Kiwis displayed resilience in the second half, effectively preventing Greece from adding more goals to their tally. Despite their efforts, the All Whites struggled to create sufficient opportunities to reverse the scoreline and secure a victory.

The match featured notable moments, including a close call from Greek skipper Anastasios Bakaasetas, whose free-kick nearly resulted in a goal. Chris Wood of the All Whites also sought a penalty, which was not granted.

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