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Air New Zealand search for new in-flight snack

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Air New Zealand is on the hunt for a brand-new menu! But not just any menu, they’re searching for the best Kiwi snacks to serve on all their flights. That means you could soon be snacking on some delicious treats while flying across the world!

The search, called ‘The Great Kiwi Snack Off’, is asking snack suppliers all over New Zealand to submit their ideas. The airline is looking for snacks that will surprise and delight customers, and cater to different dietary needs and time-of-day appetites.

But the airline isn’t just looking for any snacks. The snacks must represent and celebrate the history and “provenance of NZ, Māori, and Pasifika or social enterprises”. They must also be made in New Zealand or with ingredients from New Zealand.

The airline is also looking for snacks that are inventive and tasty and have sustainable packaging and ingredients. So it’s not just about the taste, but also about the impact on the environment and people’s health.

But don’t worry, some of the classic snacks like the end-of-flight lolly and Koru hour cheese and crackers will still be available. The airline just wants to add some more variety to its in-flight menu.

This is the first time Air New Zealand has had a full review of its snack options since 2018. They did update their domestic flight snacks last year, but this time they’re going all out. The chosen snacks will be available on both short- and long-haul flights, so customers will have plenty of opportunities to try them out.

What snack option would you suggest to Air New Zealand if you could?

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