Air New Zealand plane breaks windscreen

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In an unexpected turn of events, Air New Zealand Flight NZ99 had to return to Auckland after its windscreen was damaged during the journey to Tokyo. The incident occurred when the flight had reached Vanuatu.

David Morgan, the Chief Operational Integrity and Safety Officer, stated that the cause of the damage is still unknown. He reassured everyone that aircraft windows are designed with multiple layers to withstand such incidents. However, for the safety of the passengers and crew, it is standard procedure to return to a port and have the maintenance team repair any damage.

One of the passengers, Dave Garnet, expressed disappointment over the disruption of his travel plans. Despite this, Garnet and his wife, Carol, mentioned that the atmosphere onboard remained calm when the announcement about turning back was made. They also praised the crew for their handling of the situation.

To ensure the affected passengers reach their intended destination, Air New Zealand will rebook them on the next available flight.

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