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3-year-old Stuck in Claw Machine

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In a surprising turn of events in Queensland, Australia, a 3-year-old boy named Ethan found himself on an unexpected adventure inside a claw machine.

The young explorer managed to climb into the machine, which was filled with Hello Kitty plush toys, through the prize chute but couldn’t figure out how to get back out.

The Queensland Police Service shared this unusual rescue mission on their Facebook page, complete with a video that captured the moment.

In the video, Ethan’s parents can be seen guiding him to the back corner of the machine and advising him to cover his eyes as officers prepared to safely extract him by breaking a glass pane.

The operation was a success, and Ethan was safely returned to his family, thankfully without any injuries. In a light-hearted moment following the rescue, an officer asked Ethan, “You won a prize, which one do you want?” celebrating the toddler’s safe retrieval as a win.