Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin meet to discuss peace

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Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, the leaders of China and Russia, recently met at the Kremlin in Moscow.

Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin are good friends and they talked about how much they love working together.

Xi’s visit to Russia comes at a difficult time. The international community has accused Putin of committing war crimes in Ukraine, and some people are concerned that Xi’s visit could be seen as support for Putin’s actions. But China says it’s all about friendship, cooperation, and peace!

Xi and Putin talked for a whopping four and a half hours on Monday, and they’re planning to have more meetings on Tuesday. They talked about lots of things, but the war in Ukraine was definitely one of the most important topics.

According to experts both leaders had a very honest and deep conversation about Ukraine. Some people hope that China’s involvement could help bring peace to the region.


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