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Would you dress up as a giant bird?

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Are you looking for a job where you can dress up as a giant bird and scare away seagulls? Look no further than the Blackpool Zoo in England!

The zoo is on the hunt for new hires to join their Visitor Services team and serve as seagull deterrents. What’s a seagull deterrent, you might ask? Well, these brave employees will dress up as giant birds of prey to scare away pesky seagulls from the zoo’s dining areas.

The Blackpool Zoo loves all animals, but the seagulls have become quite the nuisance, especially when they try to steal food from visitors and animal enclosures. That’s where the seagull deterrents come in! They’ll help keep the seagulls away from the food and ensure a safe and enjoyable visit for everyone.

The ideal candidates for this job are friendly, energetic, outgoing, and visitor-focused. Oh, and they have to be comfortable wearing a bird costume, of course! It might seem like a silly job, but it’s an important one that helps keep the zoo clean and safe for all its guests.

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