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World’s first driverless bus starts in Scotland

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On Monday, May 15th, passengers in Scotland were treated to an extraordinary experience: riding on what is believed to be the world’s very first self-driving buses!

This groundbreaking trial, called Project CAVForth, is the brainchild of the ingenious bus company Stagecoach and has received funding from the UK government. They proudly proclaim that this will be the world’s first full-size, self-driving public bus service.

Now, let’s dive into the fascinating world of these robot buses. Picture a bus with computers at the wheel instead of a human driver. These special vehicles, affectionately known as “robot buses,” are equipped with ten sensors placed all around them. These sensors are like the bus’s superpower—they can detect when the bus needs to make a turn or if there’s anything blocking its path.

Even though the buses are fully automated, Stagecoach wants to make sure everyone feels safe and secure. That’s why there will always be a driver in the driver’s seat, ready to take control if anything unexpected happens. The driver will be like a superhero, coming to the rescue if the robots need a helping hand.

And that’s not all. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride, there will also be a special crew member called the “bus captain.” The bus captain’s job is to make sure everyone has a ticket and helps things run smoothly.

One thing’s for sure: these robot buses are no slowpokes! According to Steve Russell from Stagecoach, these incredible machines can drive in regular traffic at speeds of up to 80 km per hour. That’s faster than a cheetah sprinting!

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