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Woman in Atlanta returns for holiday to find house in ruins

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A surprising and unfortunate incident unfolded when Susan Hodgson returned from her holiday to find her family’s home in southwest Atlanta demolished by mistake.

In a recent interview, Susan expressed her feelings of shock and fury at discovering a pile of rubble where her cherished family property once stood. The incident happened while she was away on holiday last month, and she’s struggling to come to terms with the situation.

According to Susan, her shock began when a concerned neighbour contacted her during her holiday, asking if she had hired a company to tear down the vacant house. To this, Susan replied that she had not, and the neighbour informed her that the entire house had been mistakenly demolished.

In an attempt to understand the situation, Susan sent a family member to the location to request the permit for the demolition. To everyone’s astonishment, the person in charge admitted their mistake and acknowledged that they had demolished the wrong house!!