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Winston Peters in trouble

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Winston Peters’ is in trouble for comments he has made in a recent speech.

In his State of the Nation speech, Peters made inflammatory remarks suggesting that some people believe their DNA makes them superior to others, drawing parallels to Nazi ideology.

Labour leader Chris Hipkins criticised Peters for using racism and anti-media rhetoric to divide the country, asserting that New Zealand deserves better leadership focused on progress rather than divisive rhetoric.

Hipkins also expressed his previous decision to rule out working with Peters, highlighting concerns about his behavior.

Peters dedicated a significant portion of his speech to criticizing the previous Labour government, the media, and the Green Party, while outlining New Zealand First’s plans, including initiatives such as training new police officers and addressing youth crime.

However, Peters faced backlash for his proposal to remove gender and sexuality lessons from the school curriculum and to make English the sole official language of New Zealand. These proposals received applause from the audience but have also raised concerns about inclusivity and diversity.

In closing his speech, Peters called for unity and collaboration to restore New Zealand to what he described as its former glory, emphasizing the need for collective effort to achieve national prosperity.

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