Wellington Street lamps in danger of falling

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You won’t believe what’s been happening in Wellington, New Zealand. The street lamps there have been causing some serious trouble! It all started with just one lamp that drooped, wilted, and eventually fell to the ground. Then, a bunch more lamps started drooping too. Now, all 17,000 lamps in the city are at risk of falling without warning!

The problem is that the lamps have a fault in the part that attaches them to the poles. This fault doesn’t work well with Wellington’s strong winds, and it causes the lamps to droop or even fall to the ground. Although no one has been hurt yet, the lamps are pretty heavy and could hurt someone if they fell on them.

The city council has already fixed 600 lamps, but they still have 16,400 to go. Fixing all the lamps will cost around NZ$6m, so the council is asking for help from the central government. They will prioritize the lamps in the areas with the strongest winds to make sure everyone stays safe.

If you’re in Wellington and see a droopy street lamp, make sure to tell the council right away! We hope they can fix all the lamps soon and keep everyone safe on the streets!

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