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Victoria Withdraws from Hosting Commonwealth Games

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Victoria has announced its withdrawal as the host for the 2026 Commonwealth Games due to escalating costs.

The initial budget of $2.6 billion has now skyrocketed to an estimated $6 billion or even $7 billion, making it financially unfeasible for the state.

The plan for a predominantly regional Games involving Melbourne, Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat, and Gippsland has also been abandoned.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews emphasized that diverting such a substantial amount of funding from essential services like hospitals and schools for a 12-day sporting event is not justifiable. Discussions are underway between the government and Commonwealth Games authorities regarding the termination of their contract.

The Commonwealth Games Federation expressed deep disappointment with Victoria’s sudden decision, highlighting the lack of prior consultation and collaborative problem-solving. Birmingham’s successful hosting of last year’s Games, prioritizing sustainability and utilizing existing venues, serves as an example of a carbon-neutral legacy for major sporting events.

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