Taupō volcano alert level lowered to zero

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The alert level for the volcano has been lowered to zero, indicating a decrease in volcanic activity. For over a year, there has been a lot of movement happening beneath the surface, causing more than 1800 earthquakes. Scientists from GNS Science, a leading research institute, have been closely monitoring the situation.

According to volcanologist Agnes Mazot, the earthquakes and ground changes were caused by a combination of magma movement, fault slipping, and hydrothermal fluids. However, Mazot stated that this activity has now paused, bringing relief to the region.

One notable event occurred on November 30, 2022 when a 5.7 magnitude earthquake struck the area. It not only caused ground shaking but also generated a small tsunami in Lake Taupō. Another earthquake in March added to the aftershocks. These events, although significant, did not result in any major damage.

GNS Science reported that the rate of shallow earthquakes and changes to the volcano’s surface have returned to normal levels. They assured the public that the chance of an eruption in any given year remains low. It’s important to note that the last eruption of Taupō volcano took place way back in 232 AD.

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