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Sphere building in Las Vagas

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The MSG Sphere, now known as Sphere at The Venetian Resort, is set to open on September 29, 2023.

It recently unveiled its new name and on July 4, 2023, its LED exterior was lit up as part of Independence Day celebrations in Las Vegas.

The Sphere stands at 366 feet tall and features a unique design resembling a giant ball. The exterior of the Sphere is covered in 1.2 million small LED screens, allowing for stunning animation effects.

The venue was designed by Populous, a renowned global architecture firm known for creating top sports arenas. With construction costs reaching $2.3 billion, it surpasses the expenses of neighboring Vegas landmarks like the Bellagio and Allegiant Stadium.

The Sphere can accommodate nearly 18,000 people and is conveniently located just east of the famous Las Vegas Strip, with a pedestrian walkway connecting it to the Venetian resort complex.