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SPCA asking Kiwis to stop Guyfawkes

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The New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is making a plea to the people of New Zealand this Guy Fawkes.

The organization is asking that they refrain from buying and lighting fireworks as an act of solidarity for animal welfare.

Guy Fawkes night, with its bright flashes and loud bangs, can be a distressing and even dangerous time for animals and their owners. The SPCA receives numerous calls each year concerning the negative effects of fireworks. These calls encompass injuries, frightened animals, lost pets, and, sadly, incidents of deliberate animal abuse involving fireworks.

The SPCA emphasizes that the thunderous noises and dazzling displays can lead to severe distress for not only pets but also farm animals and native bird populations. Research has indicated that fireworks can have both short-term and long-term impacts on bird populations, from panic-induced flight, which can lead to death, to long-lasting effects on breeding success. Even horses are affected, with incidents of horses breaking through fences and sustaining injuries due to fireworks.

To help keep animals safe during Guy Fawkes, the SPCA offers practical advice to pet owners:

Avoid setting off fireworks near animals.
Stay with your pets on this night as their anxiety may lessen with a trusted human nearby.
Keep pets indoors; close doors and windows, draw curtains, and play familiar sounds to muffle the fireworks’ noise.
Walk dogs earlier in the day to avoid dusk when fireworks are typically set off. For cats with outdoor access, bring them inside before dusk.
Ensure pets are microchipped with updated contact information and have a collar with an identification tag.
For horses and farmed animals, keep them in their familiar paddocks with regular companions unless a firework display is scheduled nearby.

The SPCA is also advocating for a ban on the sale of fireworks, a proposal with significant support from New Zealanders and other organizations.

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