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Should we ban ‘sharenting’ and protect children’s privacy?

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Should parents be allowed to share pictures of their children online?

That’s the question being asked in France, where a new bill is being debated. The bill would give judges the power to stop parents from sharing images of their children if they think it could be harmful.

Parents sharing pictures and videos of their kids online is so common, it even has a name: sharenting. But some people worry that it’s not fair to share children’s pictures without their permission, especially since they can’t control where those pictures might end up.

The French politician behind the bill, Bruno Studer, is concerned that some parents post pictures of their children to get likes, followers, or even make money as influencers – even if it’s not in the child’s best interests. If the bill becomes law, parents could be held responsible for protecting their child’s privacy.

It’s not just a problem in France, either. A study in England found that the average child has their picture shared online 1,300 times before they turn 13. That’s a lot of pictures!

So, what do you think? Do you like it when your parents share pictures of you online? Or does it make you feel embarrassed, anxious, or worried? Join in our vote and share your thoughts in the comments below.