Scientists discover how cats purr

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Did you know that scientists have only just figured out how cats purr?
For many years we haven’t known how our fluffy pets make these rumbling noises, but now we have the answer!

The smaller the feline, the more high-pitched sounds it makes. Since domestic cats aren’t nearly as big as wild cats, such as lions or tigers, it has been a mystery as to how they make low-frequency purrs.

Recent studies revealed that domestic cats have ‘pads’ inside their vocal chords, which allow them to vibrate at low frequencies. Even more surprisingly, purring doesn’t appear to need any input from the brain, or any muscle movement!

To test this, scientists removed the vocal cords from a domestic cat after it had passed away. They pinched them together and pumped warm air through them. To their surprise, they made a purring sound, proving this theory!

This article was written by Kattcrazy.

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