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Schools in Delhi closed down because of pollution

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Authorities in Delhi, India, have taken measures to combat worsening air pollution as the city’s air quality reached severe levels for the first time this season.

They have shut all primary schools for two days, with the expectation that air quality will further deteriorate in the coming weeks. Several factors contribute to Delhi’s winter air pollution, including the burning of crop residues by farmers, low wind speeds, and firecracker use during festivals.

The concentration of PM2.5, a harmful fine particulate matter, exceeded safe levels in several parts of the city. Such air pollution has severe health implications, particularly for children and the elderly.

Measures to curb pollution include banning non-essential construction work and increasing public transport frequency. Last month, the Delhi government implemented a comprehensive ban on the manufacture, sale, and use of firecrackers within the city, a practice that had been in place for the last three years.

Health professionals are reporting increasing cases of asthma and lung issues among children and the elderly because of the worsening air quality. One doctor recommended that people suffering from respiratory issues avoid going outside unless absolutely necessary.

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