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School lunches in the United Kingdom

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Whether lunch is your favourite or your least favourite time of day here is what primary school children in London would experience for their’s.

For our lunches we eat in the lunch hall which is also used for assembly. Reception eat first and then when they leave Year 1 and so on. There is an option of free school meals or pack lunch which you bring in from home. You make that choice at the start of the year to carry on throughout.

When it is your year groups turn for lunch you are called in from the playground. You place your water bottle down on your class table where you are sitting and if you are eating school meals you queue up but if not you sit at the table for your class. In the line you grab your tray and cutlery and are expected to be in single file.

The cooks serve your food- as an example it might be rice, curry, peas, lettuce (all in the same portion, it is the trick to getting as much food as possible!) and yogurt.

Personally I believe that sometimes the school lunches can be a bit small and sometimes don’t give you enough energy for the rest of the day and then when you get to year 6 you have lunch quite late but it is nice having a free hot meal every day.

We have fish and chip Friday but the best meal you’ll get is pizza I think.

Oh, and did you know that 2 million children in England have access to free school meals!