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Rolling Stones release new album

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The Rolling Stones have announced their first album of original material since 2005, titled “Hackney Diamonds,” which will feature 12 tracks and be released on October 20.

This marks their first album since the passing of drummer Charlie Watts. The band introduced the album at an event in Hackney, London.

While acknowledging the absence of Watts, they mentioned that Steve Jordan, a drummer known to the band for years, filled Watts’ place on the album and during their summer tour. The album includes 12 tracks, with two recorded with Charlie Watts in 2019.

The lead single, “Angry,” was premiered at the launch event. The album also features guest appearances, including Lady Gaga. Mick Jagger described the album as having an “angry” sound but also an “eclectic” mix of genres, including love songs and ballads.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the band’s new music.