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Real estate agent drinks milk straight from client’s milk container

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The incident involving Canadian real estate agent Michele (Mike) Rose taking a swig of milk from a client’s fridge caused significant repercussions for him. While waiting for a potential buyer at the client’s home in Kamloops, British Columbia, on July 16 last year, Rose opened the fridge and took a sip from a milk carton without the homeowners’ knowledge. Unfortunately for him, the entire act was captured on a Ring security camera.

As a result of his actions, legal documents revealed that Rose was fined nearly $25,000. The homeowner at the time, Lyska Fullerton, expressed her strong disapproval of the invasion of privacy and the unprofessional behavior in an interview with the Washington Post. She felt that Rose’s actions were an intrusion into their personal space and home.

In response to the incident, Rose issued an apology and admitted that his actions were inexcusable. He acknowledged that such behavior could not be easily forgiven or forgotten. He pledged to spend time reflecting on his actions, understanding why he acted that way, and taking steps to ensure that such behavior never happens again.

The consequences of the incident went beyond the fine, as Rose was suspended from his position at Royal LePage Kamloops Realty pending further investigation, as reported by the Washington Post.

Despite the negative impact of the incident, Fullerton was able to sell her home after terminating Rose as her agent, which was a positive outcome for her in the end.

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