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Qantas allow customers to purchase empty seat beside them

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Exciting news for travelers flying with Qantas! The Australian airline has introduced a special upgrade called “Neighbour Free” for economy passengers. This upgrade lets you reserve an empty seat next to yours on certain domestic flights. Why is that cool? Well, it means you’ll have more space and feel extra comfortable during your journey!

In the past, this upgrade was only available for frequent flyers, but now even economy passengers can enjoy it by paying a fee. It’s like having a little extra room all to yourself!

To get the upgrade, Qantas will send you an email invitation between 48 hours and one hour before your flight. If there are seats available, you can book the extra seat and receive a confirmation. They’ll even put a note on your boarding pass to show that you have the upgrade.

It’s important to remember that the “Neighbour Free” upgrade is currently only offered on certain domestic flights, not on international or busy domestic routes. Also, you won’t get any extra luggage allowance with this upgrade, and the seat can’t be used by a baby or for big bags.

Qantas wants to make sure everyone has a chance to enjoy the extra seat, so they might have to change their seat for operational, safety, or security reasons. If that happens, they promise to give you another good seat or refund your money within two weeks.

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