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Prince Harry back in court

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Prince Harry is currently in court, facing cross-examination in a high-profile case.

He, along with three others, claims that The Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) used illegal methods to gather information about him. MGN denies these allegations. Prince Harry specifically alleges phone hacking and surveillance during his school days.

This case has garnered significant attention, with UK Google searches for “Prince Harry” + “court” skyrocketing by 5,000% in the past week.

The court proceedings are taking place in the High Court, one of the highest courts in the UK, and it deals with civil cases. This means there is no jury, and a judge will decide on damages if wrongdoing is proven.

Prince Harry’s testimony in court makes him the first senior royal to do so in over 130 years. He is being cross-examined by The Mirror Group’s lawyer, Andrew Green, who is seeking to clarify the validity of Prince Harry’s claims.

The cross-examination focuses on Prince Harry’s phones and locations to determine how journalists may have acquired information about him. The outcome of the case will shed light on the alleged use of illegal methods by the newspaper group.

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