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Prime Minister’s maybe upgraded

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Premier House, the official residence of New Zealand’s Prime Minister, might soon get a major makeover. A detailed report has been shared, suggesting a big project to refurbish this important and historic house. The house hasn’t had a major update since 1990, and experts say it’s really showing its age.

The report talks about a $33 million project to fix and update the house, making sure it’s safe and looks the part of a prime minister’s home. It also suggests setting aside $27 million for upkeep over the next 20 years to keep the house in good shape.

People who looked into the house’s condition found a few big issues. For example, the part of the house where the prime minister usually lives needs some urgent work. The elevator doesn’t meet the current standards for accessibility, the roof needs to be replaced soon, and the house could really use better insulation and windows.

The report also says the house’s public areas, where guests and officials are received, are elegant but feel outdated. Even the staff areas and the gardens could use some love and care to make sure they honor the house’s rich history.

There were a few different ideas on how to fix up the house, with costs ranging up to $80 million. But the report suggests going with the $33 million full refurbishment plan as the best option. This plan aims to make the house safe, honor its heritage, and make sure it’s a fitting home for the country’s leader.

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