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Parker beats Zhang for WBO title

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In an intense boxing match that had fans on the edge of their seats, Joseph Parker showcased his skill with a majority decision victory over China’s heavyweight Zhilei Zhang.

Despite being knockdown twice, Parker’s strategic approach and physical endurance led him to claim the interim WBO heavyweight title.

This remarkable win is Parker’s third in just 20 weeks, boosting his impressive career record to 35 wins and only 3 losses. Reflecting on his victory, Parker expressed gratitude towards his team and highlighted the positive trajectory of his career, especially after bouncing back from a defeat in 2022.

With both fighters starting cautiously, the match evolved into a tactical battle, with each looking for opportunities to strike. Parker’s strategy became evident as he intensified his attack, targeting Zhang’s body with powerful blows.

However, the match’s turning point came when Zhang managed to floor Parker with a sharp left, marking the first of two 10-8 rounds in Zhang’s favor. But Parker, undeterred, regained his composure and started to turn the tide by landing significant shots and managing Zhang’s offensive output.

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