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New Zealand’s population reaches 5.27 million

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New Zealand’s population has gone up by almost three percent in the last year!

Stats NZ just shared the latest numbers, and now there are 5.27 million people living in Aotearoa.

In the year up to September, 138,000 more people joined the population.

Out of that, 19,300 people came from more births than deaths, which is called the “natural increase.”

Another 118,800 people came from net migration, which is the number of people moving in minus the ones moving out.

The Māori population also increased by 1.5 percent, which means 13,100 more people.

Now, the estimated Māori population is 904,100, making up 17.3 percent of the whole country’s population.

The median age (which is the middle point, not too young and not too old) for Māori guys is 25.8, and for girls, it’s 27.9 years.

Just to compare, the median ages for everyone in New Zealand are 37.0 for guys and 39.0 for girls.

So, New Zealand is growing, and it’s good to know how many people are becoming part of our big Kiwi family!

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