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New Zealand starts gun register

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New Zealand has taken a big step in its efforts to improve gun control after the 2019 Christchurch mosque attack.

Last week, the country’s new digital Firearms Registry begun its operations. This registry is like a big database where licensed gun owners must provide important details about their firearms, such as the type, model, and serial number. They also need to keep a record of any sales or modifications they make to their guns.

The aim of this registry is to make things more transparent and accountable. It will help the government and the police to know exactly where all the legal firearms are in the community. By having this information, they can work to prevent firearms from getting into the wrong hands, like those of criminals.

Licensed gun owners have up to five years to fill in the registry, but if they sell or buy a firearm, they must register it earlier.

The Police Commissioner, Andrew Coster, believes that this registry will make it much harder for gangs and criminals to get hold of guns. It will also help the police gather information and keep an eye on any suspicious activities related to firearms.

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