Mount Etna erupts in Italy

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Mount Etna, the biggest volcano in Italy, erupted on Sunday, creating an incredible sight. But what does that mean for the city of Catania?

When the volcano erupted, it released a huge cloud of ash that fell like dark, gritty dust all over Catania. Can you imagine cars and streets getting covered in a thick layer of ash? It must have been quite a sight!

The eruption caused some trouble for people who wanted to fly in and out of Catania. More than 50 flights had to be canceled because the volcanic ash landed on the airport’s runways. But don’t worry, things got back to normal on Monday morning, and the planes were flying again.

People living in nearby towns like Adrano and Biancavilla heard loud booms coming from the volcano. It must have been a bit scary, but thankfully, nobody got hurt. Safety is always the most important thing!

Mount Etna is a special volcano because it erupts several times every year. It spews out hot lava and ash, creating a spectacular show for everyone to see. Scientists are keeping a close eye on the volcano to understand how serious this eruption is.

The Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) has special instruments to monitor Mount Etna’s activity. They study the volcano carefully to keep people safe. However, the eruption happened on a rainy day, and thick clouds made it difficult to see what was happening.

Mount Etna is not just any volcano. It’s the tallest active volcano in Europe! In 2013, it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which means it’s recognized as a very important place. Many visitors come from all over the world to admire its grandeur and learn about volcanoes.

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