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Most Expensive Underwear

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Miu Miu, an Italian fashion brand, has just released a pair of knickers that cost a whopping $5,600 (around £4,600).

These fancy undies are not just expensive; they also seem quite uncomfortable. They’re made from wool with a silk lining and covered in sequins, which might not be the comfiest choice for those who like to itch.

These undies have grabbed attention because they’re incredibly pricey. To put it in perspective, it’s about what the average person in New Zealand spends on food in a year. If you earn an average salary in the UK, you’d have to work for more than seven weeks just to afford one pair of these undies.

But here’s the catch: these undies aren’t meant to be hidden under your clothes. They fall into the category of “underwear as outerwear.” They’re designed for people who really want to be noticed, even if most people are just wondering where their pants went.

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