Meet the world’s oldest living cat

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A special cat named Rosie in Britain may be the oldest living cat in the world! Rosie turned 32 years old on June 1st, which is an amazing milestone for a cat. Her owner, Lila Brissett, from Norwich, England, is very proud of her furry friend. To celebrate Rosie’s birthday, a local cat cafe owner prepared a delicious salmon cake for her.

Lila Brissett shared that Rosie is really enjoying her birthday treat. She has already eaten half of the salmon cake and will probably finish the rest by lunchtime. Rosie sure knows how to celebrate in style!

Lila adopted Rosie when she was just a little kitten. Since then, Rosie has only been to the vet twice. The first visit was when she was spayed in 1991, and the second visit was about five years ago when she had a cyst that needed treatment.

Lila Brissett is so amazed by Rosie’s long and healthy life that she contacted Guinness World Records. She hopes that Rosie can be officially recognized as the oldest living cat. The current record holder is another cat from England named Flossie, who was certified at 26 years and 316 days old in November 2022.

Rosie is truly a remarkable cat, and her birthday celebration is a special occasion. Let’s wish Rosie a very happy birthday and many more happy and healthy years to come!

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