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Dam Destruction in Southern Ukraine

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In southern Ukraine, a significant dam collapse has resulted in severe flooding, leading to the displacement of thousands of people. The incident occurred in the city of Nova Kakhovka in Ukraine’s Kherson region, an area currently under Russian occupation.

The exact cause of the dam’s destruction remains unclear, with both Russia and Ukraine pointing fingers at each other. The extent of the damage is yet to be determined, and concerns persist that water levels could continue to rise.

The Nova Kakhovka dam, spanning the Dnipro River, serves as a crucial reservoir and water source for communities upstream. Its breach has potential implications for tens of thousands of people who rely on the water for farming and other needs.

Moreover, the dam plays a vital role in supplying cooling water to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station, situated about 100 miles upstream and currently under Russian control. The power station heavily relies on the reservoir for operations.

The Dnipro River is home to six dams, safeguarding a significant waterway stretching from northern Ukraine to the southern sea. Targeting such dams during warfare is prohibited under the Geneva Convention due to the grave risk it poses to civilians.

Both Russia and Ukraine are accusing each other of the attack, but responsibility for the damage remains uncertain. Images and videos depict a massive breach in the dam, with surging water causing downstream flooding toward Kherson.

Approximately 40,000 individuals have been evacuated in response to the crisis, as reported by Ukraine’s Deputy Prosecutor-General Viktoriya Lytvynova. The situation demands urgent attention to ensure the safety and well-being of those affected by this devastating event.

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