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Mass Indian Wedding

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A remarkable day of celebration unfolded in Baran, India, as a whopping 2,143 couples exchanged their vows in less than 6 hours, shattering not just one, but two world records!

The grand event, which saw both Hindu and Muslim marriages taking place, was organized by a registered trust called Shri Mahaveer Goshala Kalyan Sansthan. Their noble initiative aimed to bring joy and togetherness to underprivileged couples, helping them begin their lives together on a beautiful note.

In a dazzling display of love and unity, the mass wedding managed to break two Guinness World Records. It set a new record for the most couples married within 12 hours and also for the most couples married within 24 hours. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and happiness as each couple said their vows and embarked on a journey of lifelong companionship.

Distinguished guests, including Chief Minister of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot and Cabinet Minister Pramod Jain Bhaya, bestowed blessings upon the newlyweds. The trust also presented the couples with generous gifts, including jewelry, a comfortable mattress with bedding, kitchen utensils, a television, and even a refrigerator.

The heartwarming event showcased the power of love, community, and generosity. It not only broke records but also fulfilled dreams and brought smiles to the faces of countless couples.

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