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Man visits every country in the world

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Imagine traveling to every country in the world. It sounds like an incredible adventure, right? Well, that’s exactly what Randy Williams, also known as Ramblin’ Randy, accomplished recently. Randy, a resident of San Diego, California, fulfilled his dream of visiting all 193 countries recognised by the United Nations.

Randy’s journey took him to fascinating and sometimes challenging places. Last week, he arrived in Turkmenistan, a mysterious country in Central Asia that is not easily accessible to tourists. Turkmenistan had been closed to visitors for four years, but now, with the help of an approved tour company, Randy was able to explore its wonders.

For Randy, this trip to Turkmenistan was special because it marked the completion of his ten-year-long project. He had been collecting pins on a map, one for each country he visited, and Turkmenistan became the 193rd pin.

But Turkmenistan wasn’t the only country that presented challenges for Randy. Just last month, when he visited Syria, he discovered that he was only the second tourist to be allowed in the country since the COVID-19 pandemic began. It shows how determined and passionate Randy was about his goal.

During his incredible journey, Randy didn’t just visit countries recognized by the United Nations. He also explored special places like Vatican City and Palestine, which are observer states. He even ventured into disputed territories such as Kosovo, Western Sahara, and Taiwan.

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