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Man spends 100 days underwater

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Dr. Joseph Dituri, nicknamed “Dr. Deep Sea,” has recently completed a remarkable adventure. Over the course of 100 days, the University of South Florida professor resided in a small underwater room, setting a new world record by surpassing the previous 73-day record.

On March 1, the 55-year-old Dr. Dituri embarked on this project at a unique underwater hotel known as Jules’s Undersea Lodge. Located 22 feet (6.7 meters) beneath the ocean surface in a protected area in Key Largo, his goal was to spend 100 days there. As one descends deeper into the ocean, the pressure increases. Dr. Dituri aimed to study how this prolonged exposure to pressure affects the human body. Inside his undersea dwelling, the pressure he experienced was approximately 66% greater than at the surface.

Dr. Dituri believes that high-pressure environments could contribute to longer and healthier lives as people age. It may also offer potential benefits in treating various medical conditions, including brain injuries. Despite his confined living space of only 100 square feet (9.3 square meters), the room provided sleeping quarters, a small living area, and a kitchen.

During his underwater stay, Dr. Dituri maintained a busy schedule. He frequently exercised in the mornings, continued teaching his college classes, and engaged in online discussions with over 5,500 students from 15 different countries. Collaborating with other marine experts, he worked on finding ways to protect and preserve the ocean.

Numerous visitors dove down to spend time with Dr. Dituri, and he received regular medical check-ups. The thing he missed the most while underwater was sunlight.

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