Man smashes 273 walnuts with his head

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Naveen Kumar, a martial artist from India, has regained the Guinness World Record for smashing the most walnuts with his forehead in one minute. He accomplished this feat by breaking 273 raw common walnuts, surpassing the previous record of 254 set by his rival, Muhammad Rashid, in 2017.

The competition between Kumar and Rashid has been ongoing for years. Rashid initially held the record with 150 walnuts in 2014 and later broke his own record with 181 in 2016. However, Kumar managed to break the record in 2017 by cracking 217 walnuts. The two competitors faced off on an Italian TV special in the same year, with Kumar breaking 239 walnuts and Rashid reclaiming the record with 254.

Rashid credits his training with Prabhakar Reddy, another record-breaker in martial arts categories, for his achievements in breaking Guinness World Records. The rivalry between Kumar and Rashid has captured the attention of audiences, and Kumar’s latest accomplishment has earned him back the coveted title of the walnut-smashing champion.

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