Man runs 100m in high heels

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A Spanish man, Christian Roberto López Rodríguez, has once again claimed a Guinness World Record, this time for running a 100-meter sprint while wearing high heels. Rodríguez, 34 years old, completed the impressive feat by donning 2.76-inch stiletto heels and clocking in at 12.82 seconds.

By achieving this record-breaking time, Rodríguez surpassed the previous record set by André Ortolf in 2019. Ortolf completed the 100-meter run in high heels in 14.02 seconds.

Rodríguez expressed the challenging nature of his preparation for this feat, which involved extensive and specific training. He found running at high speed in high heels to be an exhilarating challenge. Rodríguez also mentioned that races of this kind exist in Spain, and he has always performed well in them.

This achievement adds to Rodríguez’s growing list of record-breaking accomplishments, solidifying his status as a serial record-breaker.

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