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L&P bottle in Paeroa painted white

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The world-famous L&P bottle in Paeroa, known as a beloved symbol of New Zealand, has undergone a whitewashing transformation to unveil an exciting new look. This revamp aims to refresh the attraction, which has become a must-visit spot and an Instagram sensation for travelers passing through the town.

The story of L&P began in 1907 when Arthur Wohlman analyzed the mineral water in Paeroa and discovered a high concentration of magnesium bicarbonate, believed to have healing properties. By mixing it with lemon, the iconic Kiwi classic drink was born.

In 1908, Robert Fewell and Frank Brinkler purchased the property where the spring was located and started bottling the water. Eventually, Menzies and Company took over the business in 1915 and opened a larger factory in Paeroa.

The L&P bottle, originally designed as a replica space rocket, was created for a Christmas promotion in 1967. Standing at an impressive 7 meters tall with a diameter of 1.3 meters, it was constructed using six stacked concrete water troughs. Its fiberglass “neck” housed a public address system that played music and announcements during the promotion.

After being painted in the iconic Lemon & Paeroa bottle colors in 1969, the structure was carefully stored away and later rebuilt on its original site. In 2002, the bottle was relocated 20 meters back into the Ohinemuri Reserve to ensure the safety of photographers and visitors away from State Highway 2.

The recent whitewashing of the L&P bottle signals an exciting new chapter for this beloved landmark. Paeroa residents and tourists alike eagerly anticipate the unveiling of the bottle’s resplendent new appearance. It continues to be a remarkable symbol of Paeroa’s rich history and the enduring popularity of L&P, a true New Zealand icon.

An L&P spokesperson said the new design will stick to the status quo: “The iconic look of the bottle won’t be changing, every now and then our much loved L&P bottle needs a little touch-up to keep it looking spick and span.”

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